Friday, December 21, 2007

My Friend Rufus Shaw

Rufus Shaw has been one person who has always spoke out on issues that most people would not say one word. Rufus knows a lot about a lot of things he has opinions about most things and they are just that Opinions. I respect Rufus because he is well educated and has spent time working for this community. However the development of Southern Dallas is more then just the DCC saying do it. As a former member of City Plan Commission I learned a lot about the problems on WHY the vast amount of land is not developed. The problem infrastructure. South Dallas has no or old infrastructure. Take the UNT campus on the school is tied into the neighborhood lines, there are no water lines on Houston School Road . All the streets and lights,water and etc. at American Airline center was paid for by the City. When developers try coming south the City says we have no infrastructure money so the people go other places. The City manager of past and City Council members did not fund in the South as they did in the North that's the whole story. So let's get busy and get a bond issue for the South Dallas infrastructure.

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