Saturday, October 17, 2009

NFL Right On Time , Rush Out !

Sometimes ,I wonder if everyone is crazy or is it just people in North Texas? I read two letters in the DMN editorial section about Rush Limbaugh being out of the group
buying the Rams, both said something about Rush's comment about the Black quarterback a couple of years ago.One said Rush was better then Vick a convict,I guess he forgot Rush is a convicted drug abuser. Rush not being in that group has nothing what so ever about that statement, how shallow are people in this part of the World.Does anyone think for one minute a statement about a black football player will stop money
from changing hands.

Rush would have been a liability to the NFL period! The smut that Rush puts out on the airways daily would have put the NFL in a negative spotlight daily.Rush would have used the NFL to enlarge his base and kill the league. It would have become RLL
football league. Thank goodness for Goodall and Rev Sharpton and Jackson.

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