Saturday, October 31, 2009

Non-english Speaking/ Driving Is Dangerous For All

Politicians can race bait all they want but Non English speaking has nothing to do with race.There are thousands of Non English speakers in Dallas County that are not Spanish. Every time someone says Non English, Hispanic groups get twisted as if they are the only Non English speakers in the world.One of the rules of Citizenship is you mush be able to communicate in English, how then can people from other Countries pass the test and not speak English well enough to communicate with a police officer.
Tax payers should not be ask to translate road signs or any other public sign, there are to many languages and cost to much money.English language classes are available to all free. I have travel many places and none other than an Airport had signs in English, nor did they pay anyone extra to communicate with me. I had to pay a translator to go along with me. It,s time for Texas and USA to stop making it easy for Non English speakers to continue not learning English.They have chosen this Country and it's way of life, it is time to become a real Texan learn English, make your life easy and driving safer. The life you save might be your own. In God I trust this message will be taken in the Spirit it's given.

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