Monday, November 30, 2009

14-1 City Council Districts A Giant Failure.

Many Residents in the Black community disliked me during the battle over 14-1 vs.10-4-1 and other plans floating around when the Court ruled that minorities deserved more seats on the Dallas City Council. I said then and I repeat today, I was right and I have proof of it.

In 1968 or 69 my then husband Maxie White and I founded White's Transportation, to provide bus service to TI and Collins radio all three shifts for people to work. Dallas Transit as it was called back in the day did not go out to Forest Lane or TI .

Julia Scott Reed first Black writer for Dallas Morning News wrote an article on the good bus service we were providing and how it had helped woman get and keep their jobs. The same day the article was printed, I received a call from my husband saying some man from the City had called the Transportation office and said we must stop the bus service by 3PM that day or risk a fine or jail because the City of Dallas had a ordinance that stated No Private Bus company could operate in the Dallas City limit until all bond debt owed by Dallas Transit was paid in full. You know me, the fact that there was no bus service to the jobs, and we picked the passengers up and return them to their home on all three shifts made us unique ,so I decided to fight the City of Dallas. I called George Allen first and only Black Councilman at the time.Together we generated about $10 million dollars in news coverage both Dallas Herald and Morning News gave us front page coverage five day straight. On Council day the chamber was full and people North and South,East and West were there to support, the right to have transportation to work.It was not about minority bus company, it was keeping people on the job and off public assistance. WE WON THE FIGHT AND BECAME THE FIRST PRIVATE BUS COMPANY TO BE LICENSED under the new ordinance.Some time now when I see the private bus companies on the street I laugh,they don't have a clue who helped them win that right.

There was no 14-1, it was just ONE George Allen and he knew how to get along with his Council colleague's and they cared about the people.

I just received a copy of letter Council woman Vonciel Hill sent to Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway and cc Pastor Freddie Haynes.Little history,Dwaine Caraway is Chair of the Public Safety Committee for the City of Dallas,there had been two murders at a car wash on Ledbetter in District 5 Pastor Haynes and his men in Black under the Leadership of Corp Allen went down some 200 strong with their "Stop The Violence Campaign"and prayed, marched and tried to bridge the gap between the young people. This group of volunteers wanted a place to meet and Councilman Caraway tried to facilitate this meeting in a city owned building, from what this letter says Council woman Hill told Caraway not to hold any meeting in HER district and Pastor Haynes could meet at his Church or in District 4.District 4 and 5 are separated by a street.
Mine you, this is a public building paid for by the tax payers, how can any City Councilperson make such a request with a public owned building. To make matters worst Ms. Hill then went own to write the City Manager a memo telling her and cc it to all department heads," not to rent any building in District 5 to any group,person,organization without prior notice to her". What is this? District 5 has the highest crime rate in the City of Dallas and this woman is stopping volunteers who are trying to help from having a meeting.

Now, I realize Councilwoman Hill is very angry with Councilman Caraway and maybe she has good reason to be, but what in the world does that have to do with the resident of District 5.I live in District 5, we need all the help we can get.Council woman Hill has got to come back to her seances and put the people first. Councilwoman Hill is a Minister and she cannot allow the devil to overtake her, in the Council position ,the people get hurt,all District 5 hurt.The Chair of Public Safety is the Chair for all of Dallas, if he leaves District 5 out what are we to do? What gives any Council person the right to dictate who rents a public facility? Is this what 14-1 has come to.Councilwoman Hill had some strong community Leaders supporting her, I am calling on Rev.Zan Holmes to please speak with her,Demetris Sampson please speak with her you also live in District 5. I will pray and ask God to take this type of
anger from her heart. I can not say who is right or wrong, what I can say is we only have 4 black people on the Council if two of them are fighting each other it leaves two to take care of business.As other Council member see this they know if the Southern sector Rep. are not on the same page nothing gets done.

We have seen our former Councilman found guilty and now our current one all involved in getting back at Caraway and all the while our District is going to hell fast.

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