Monday, November 02, 2009

State Rep.Terry Hodge, Job well Done!

I went to St.Peters Academy with Gladys Hodge her birth name we were in kindergarten
together and I would go to her house to wait to be picked up for a ride home.Her family lived close to the school,the area around the so called Arts District. All that area was where Black people lived, white people lived in Oak Cliff. I went off to public school and Terry I think moved to California.
Later in both our lives we met again in our circle of friend in the Happy Hour business, Terry working,me partying. Terry has always been a hard worker, held two jobs when most of us didn't want one,always independent. No wonder we both entered Politics Terry working hard me volunteering here and there. I am giving you history so there will be no misunderstanding about my position. I like Terry Hodge, the work she has done as a State Rep. cannot be touched.The work on behalf of prison inmates and their families, the laws she authored on their behalf are the best.

However if our community is ever to be taken serious again we must hold our people to the same standard as we do Others. I am sick over the fact that a long time associate is now in trouble, if I could change it, I would.
People are circling like buzzards.Some sincere, some putting on a show. This Political community has known for years about Terry's residency. She has helped so many of them and a few have stabbed her in the back, now they come with support when she has the fight of her life. There is a big difference in accepting in-kind rent and being on a parking lot taking cash.It's a big difference in writing a letter for
housing that you know your community needs.

I am not making light of Terry's charge, I'm only saying I understand how difficult it is on a 4500.00 per year salary to make ends meet.However It Is What It Is.
I am supporting Erick Johnson for the District not because Terry Hodge has not done a good job, but because she is under indictment and Black people must start taking the action of it's Officials serious.After the case is resolved run again or get special permission to hold that seat in carry over until that time.I do not vote in that District so my opinion is just that, it will not count at the ballot box.
My Friend Terry Hodge you are one of the Best, May you continue to serve in some capacity.

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