Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dallas County Residents Finally recieving H1N1 vaccine.

Thank God people are finally receiving H1N1 vaccine in Dallas County. Dallas County has the highest death rate from this strain of flu than any other County in the USA.
Dallas is now on the International alert list with two other Cities.
Let me make it clear I was never opposed to Pharmacies giving vaccine, I was opposed to the way it was started and why.Giving Wal-Mart exclusive rights to the vaccine was wrong and I stand by that.The fact that the Health Department did not utilize it's own clinics on a daily bases is still a puzzle, but it is not my business.
My one and only concern was and still is the Public Health of Dallas County Citizen.
I retired from Dallas County Health and Human Service in 2004 ,but I did not retire my feeling for the welfare and health of the people.

When I think something is wrong. dealing with Public Trust ,I am going to Call It Out,it is never personal.My issues are about what you do on the Taxpayers dime.When it's your own money you will never hear from me. Since my tax are all paid up,you will hear from me loud and clear. Many people have cut me off because of my out spoken blog, but I have never ask them for a thing, in fact if I call the roll ,I have helped each and every one of them get where they are,and they have the nerve to be mad at me for speaking out, they have forgotten I'm the same one who I spoke out on their behalf.
It Is What It Is.

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