Friday, September 11, 2009

Maybe I Am Becoming A Racist?

Warning I write what I think, My Opinion.Gramme is not a part of what I think, so read at your own risk.This is a blog not a professional document for any specific job.

I spent most of my life doing what I believed was the right thing. I was born to a mixed race family who were all business people of some sort. I never paid much attention to race. I fought in the Civil Rights movement because it was the right thing to do, mine was more about equality for people paying the same tax.Public facilities used by all.I do believe private places could do as they pleased as long as no Public funds are used.I still believe that.
As Director of Dallas County Health and Human my department reflected the make up of Dallas County, it was not something I tried to do, I just hired people based on qualification and it came out fair.If people would treat all people based of them and qualification all would come out fair. What we have in Dallas, Texas and other places is, we do not treat all equal, we use Race as a factor and that is what changes the landscape in favor of a particular group.
In the past two years I have found myself in a position of being treated a certain way because of Gender,Race,non Ivy League education(Blacks were not allowed in when I was in college)not job qualification.Some people write on this blog about my grammar, I have paid staff to write for me ,I give them the text and they do the rest
I know correct grammar,hell after living 68 years I have forgot more then most of you have learn.
Based on what I have seen in the past two years, I am judging people by the way they treat other people based on Race, because what is being done has no rhyme or reason to be done other than Race.
President Obama is being treated bad because people refuse to accept his beautiful Black skin, no matter what he says the fact that it is coming from a black mouth kills you.You have told so many lies about Black people to your Kids, you can not stand for them to see this Black man talking to them on TV, but they can look at rappers.
Yes ,maybe in my older age I am becoming what most Texas American have been all along and just maybe I was fooling myself all this time. My friends often told me as I was growing up that I was crazy because of my Conservative views but I just waved it off, as I live these days it seems they were right I was wrong about Human beings.
So when you see me now remember, I am going to judge your treatment of me based on color , I can't help it you made me do it!

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