Monday, September 14, 2009

It is What It Is !

The one picture in my mind that helped shape my opinion that much of what is being said about President Obama is race based, was that of the Lewisville school teacher. The teacher said on national TV “I do not want my students to hear the speech because I don’t think the President should indoctrinate the students. I don’t trust him with any child” that statement was not about a speech. “Not trust with any Child” is about a pedophile it comes from hate. Does this teacher trust the Black Kids in her class room? The statement about the speech could have been make about any President but to take is a step farther and add, “I don’t trust him with any child.”
People had much to say about President Bush I found myself defending him all the time. People spoke about his policies and for the most part were civil. People were not evil and did not shout ugly statement at each other. President Obama has only been in Office nine months and already a grown man can not hold his emotion while the President is speaking. The emotion is too strong for a normal policy discussion. The fact did not support the statement. It does not matter who the President is that particular arena is not the place for raw emotion. If it did not happen in the absence of the President what else could have fueled it.
I am going to work on myself and try to help people who want help. I have volunteered the past 41 years in various campaigns most being Anglo candidates
And again never witness such diehard hate, anger towards the person least responsible for their problem.
I supported Obama for two reasons, 1. Tax reform and he has done that, my tax liability is no longer the same as a person making $844,000.00 per year. Secondly he promised health care reform. I enjoyed health insurance from my employer with prescription benefit. After retirement I paid COBRA $204.00 per month same coverage, when I became age appropriate for Medicare the insurance company made me use Medicare as primary and them as secondary. What did that mean, well it meant they no longer paid for certain medical procedures. If Medicare did not pay they did not pay, I lost dental benefit, and many drugs are not on Medicare formulary so I must pay the total cost for prescription now. Total amount I now pay is 305.00 per month with less coverage. Many people can not afford to pay that amount each month.
Many of you only know what you see on the news I live it daily and many other people who pay insurance. I could have saved Medicare by continuing to pay private insurance but, no said insurance company.
My friend was diagnosed with lung cancer, never used her employment insurance and her company is self funded, meaning it does not cost an insurance company one dime, but the Third Party Administrator has a gate keeper who denied her chemotherapy treatment that was working, she had scan to show cancer was shrinking, they said no, its being used for maintenance so she must pay for the medicine herself. Life and Death decision being made by a mid level person in a cubical. We need Health Care reform, Thank God President Bush passed the Medicare prescription bill and even it has a 90 day period you must pay full price for prescriptions drugs. President Bush passed the Ex Offender bill and President Obama has not funded it, I disagree with President Obama on that issue. My Politics are issue related but when it is what it is; I cannot look the other way.

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