Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Never Dreamed, Jim Foster and Maurine Dickey Would Be Leaders!

If you read the article on Dallas County Commissioners Court meeting,yesterday I'm sure you are as confused as I am. The Court one week ago voted to allow the Constable to keep a drug sniffing dog, at no expense to the County,but liability.
Yesterday the vote changed with Cantrell giving so silly reason,and John Price changed his vote three time,saying he had more to worry about than a dog, never mind the majority of people in jail from District 3 are drug related, ME sees hundreds of drug related deaths each year, auto accidents,overdose,murder and etc.,what takes the cake is Mayfield voting against the dog, because the Deputy trained of said dog, filed and won a lawsuit against the County.I expected more from Commissioner Mayfield.maybe he's drinking from the same cup as John Price.What a tragedy that elected Officials, would put their personal feelings above what is good or useful to the Community at large.Drugs are the number one problem in this County,and these three people can see no further than,their feelings.What a wast of tax money on them.
Jim Foster and Maurine Dickey are the only two people working down there for the people and by the law. Who would have though It!

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