Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How Stupid Can Democrats Be? If What I Heard Is True?

I just heard Democrat County Chair D.Ewing say, some Democratic Precinct Chairs are saying, "lets go ahead and elect Terri, then we can put who we want on the ballot", how silly is that.I have know Terri Hodge since we were in kindergarten St Peters Academy, and she is not that evil. For Democrat Precinct Chair's in District 100 to want a person not eligible to serve to win ,because they did not plead guilty prior to ballots being printed is just plain ignorant.

However,I knew it was going to happen, I wrote on DMN Ms.Floyd's blog, that I hoped the Democrat machine would not hold it against Erick Johnson, for entering the race prior to the guilty plea. I knew Monday, the plea was coming,Terri Hodge is no fool and she has always been a strong woman,and made a life and living for herself and Son. I admire her and the courage it took to take the deal.She put the public first,why don't the remainder of the Democrats take her lead and support Erick Johnson.Erick did nothing to Terri, he was in no way involved in anything harmful to Terri and has not campaigned on her problems with the law.
If the people so loyal to Terri had helped her along the way,just maybe this trouble would not exist.I am so sick of all these, Love You To Death, folk come running at the end, would show up in the beginning, we would all be better off.

I will do all I can for Erick,I will also visit Terri and send money,support her son and anything else until ,she is home or out of trouble.I hope to meet some of you others on my way there.

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