Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Congress Woman Johnson Please Stop Talking !

There is something wrong with EBJ to walk into that Editorial Board and feel good enough to change her whole story about breaking rules is just crazy.What is it about this woman that she does not realize people know she is telling a LIE ? To make matters worse this woman really believes people in her District are so dumb that we believe her and support her doing wrong. Congresswoman Johnson will most likely be re elected but people in this district cannot stand to talk about this woman.It is a very bad feeling to know you must vote for this woman who betrayed you and every Kid in district 30, if you support President Obama's program.If I could trust Rev.Broaden I would vote for him but he is on record talking about the President and he will fight every single program the President suggest.I don't like all of President Obama's proposals but I take the good with the bad as I have with all Presidents.Is this woman on pain pills or something? Ms. Johnson you are not all that,and not the sharpest knife in drawer and we do know what good work you've done in the past but we also what you have done now,and we don't know how long you have been doing this type of thing so please don't hold your head up so high,your community is very,very,very angry with you .When you take from the least of thee and Kids people are not so forgiving.

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