Sunday, August 29, 2010

Congresswoman Duped Black Community Again-Story DMN 8-29-2010

Comments based on information published in DMN 8-29-2010 Proof also printed in news. Congresswoman duped Community again. Congresswoman Eddie B Johnson is either out of touch is arrogant enough to think People in District 30 are fools. Congresswoman Johnson said “I doubt if there is anybody in my district going to question me giving to a kid to help him with college”. Congress woman you are very wrong. I and many other people in the district question you using money from a foundation meant for needy students in district 30 to give money to 1.People who don't live in district 30.2 money to relatives someone close as a grandchild.3.allowing a staff member to give to their kids money. The foundation was set up to help poor minority kids attend college, it’s a fund other non minority Congress members do not enjoy. The most disturbing is for Congresswoman Johnson to declare lack of “very worthy students” biggest lie ever been told. The GPA of 2.5 is the lowest of any I know. There are thousands of students in Johnson’s district with a 2.5 GPA who are college bound. Where did Johnson’s office post the availability of the funds? I serve on a committee and we beat the bush trying to find help for kids with higher GPA in the district. The other very disturbing thing is Johnson claim to not know the rules. How can you give a college grant program and not know the rule? How can we pay you and your staff and neither know the rule. The amount of money is so small that Johnson could have given it from her pocket, if they needed help. Johnson could have also helped Givens if he needed help. Johnson used that money because she has access and power over the money plain and simple. Not one person related to her or Givens was a hardship case. Greed is the name of the game. The fact that it is Johnson gives me deep pain. I have supported Johnson since her first State for Office. I assumed she played by the rule and was honest but now I Have lost what little trust I had in elected Leadership. To be a Congressperson and take money from the least of thee is a sin of the worst kind. Young people working two jobs trying to attend school would have been able to pay for almost a half semester with that money, given by corporations for their benefit only to learn that the very person charged with following rule and making sure they received it gave it to her own. Sad part most people won’t hear about this Black community won’t talk about it like always Johnson will be reelected. Black Voters and single member districts are still being duped.

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