Friday, August 27, 2010

Freedom of Speech Works Both Ways.

When I read comments by people I take them for what they are.I sometimes respond if I feel the facts or wrong but when it's there opinion I have nothing to say.People who read this blog feel the need to "Get Me Told" Back in the day that meant disagreement and telling you in your face about it.Today they write it on the Internet most won't even sign their names. Young people don't have a clue what is important they spend so much time on bull shit that if something real comes along it's missed,gone forgotten. Men who worship men and agree with what ever is said to get along with the Man.Black man I mean.Men who think they own their life and livelihood to a man,because once upon a time he helped them never taking in consideration there is a God and he controls your destiny. That sad group, who hides who they really are,to fool a man,they have no idea who he really is they're all fooling each other and all doing the same thing,what a Joke. When it all comes down,Oh what a day it's going to be.How do you allow one man to control your brain,control who you like,talk with,agree with.How do you pray and sing and participate in Church when your love and faith are of man not God.How do you smoke weed drink by night and turn into a Saint by day,while the man you are fooling doesn't know God does. Hope this helps some of you grow up.

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