Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Southern Sector Council Members Working Hard !

I must say from the bottom of my heart the Southern Sector Council Members are really working this budget for their communities.
I was watching on TV and it got so good,I drove downtown to see it first hand.Councilman Caraway was talking when I left home and still speaking when I got to City Hall but he was right on.My Councilwoman Hill was right on with her questions,Atkins was adamant about the need to raise tax to cover basic city services,Carolyn Davis ask some very good questions and held staff to task for police and fire furlough days.

I speak when I don't like their actions so I'm letting you know they are on the case.
I also heard through the grapevine the business Community is a bit concerned that Mayor Tom has lost control of his minority Council members.The Love Field contract,the budget,wet/dry election and a few other issues that have caused the minority council members to ban together for the good of their communities.One only needs to drive north and the look is different for city service.
I am proud of the Minority Council Members.

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