Thursday, August 19, 2010

Commissioner District 3 Residents Should Be Mad As Hell ! BUT THEIR NOT ?

Dallas County Residents and County Employees should be very angry with members of the Dallas County Commissioners Court. The Commissioners Court has played games with Tax payer’s money for years and sat down on the end of Elm Street without Public outrage. The entire 200 million dollar tab for the jail expense was caused by Commissioners Court members who wanted Sheriff Bowles gone, you saw what happen after he left, and jail could not pass inspection for seven years. Sheriff Bowles begged for three years to have that fire system fixed to no avail the Court kept saying no. Facilities management borrowed what parts they could from the 2377 Stemmons building to make it pass City of Dallas fire inspections which caused 2377 not have a working fire alarm system for some time. The most recent action by the Commissioners is shameful, John Price sat there and tried to run the IT department and when Judge Foster tried to correct some of the problems the IT Director was fired or run off by Commissioner Price and look at what happen. Dallas County records system was completely shut down. The official records of the entire County shut down. The vote to raise Tax failed with Foster, Dickey, and Mayfield voted no. That vote was no to John Price it hurt Dallas County taxpayers and employees. Commissioner Price had threatened, cursed and started campaigns to take the seat of Foster and Mayfield, he intimidates anyone who speaks up and he punishes all who disagree with him using the power of his office to eliminate you. How can these other members of the Court expect to support him after the way they have been treated and disrespected. The only way is to vote against him and Vote against him they have when it mattered to him the most. Commissioner Mayfield District does not want a tax increase nor does Dickey’s and Foster has no dog in fight, Price was successful in his bid against him. The lost of the lone Black Member to the NTTA board was due in large part to John Price his action and behavior towards this colleague on the Court. How could he ask them to Vote for Mr. Sims when he does not even talk with them. The Court overlooked Price’s behavior for years they tried to respect the fact of him being the voice of the large black population in Southern Dallas County Commissioner District 3. In the past 25 years of serving on the Commissioners Court Commissioner Price’s behavior has been on and off nothing coming from that Office of benefit to the County Taxpayers yet District 3 voters keep sending him back year after year at what time does the Voters say no more. When do Black voters look at what a person is doing or not doing and decide its time for a change. The Commissioners Court members have said no more and their votes over the past weeks have shown it. The people of District 3 are being short changed big time. The 4000 jobs of the Inland Port slowed to crawl, $200 million needlessly spent, Department Heads afraid to run department, Court Administrator afraid to say anything. Sheriff has given her department over. I wonder if incoming County Judge will stand up and be a Man and lead the County or allow the Boy Child to continue on his tantrums and lead the County into the Dark Hole.

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