Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oncor $1 million Donation ? Not Really ! All Customer Will Pay! State Law.

While it's nice to have Oncor say they are donating I million dollars to City Parks Department and I am happy that Mike Rawlings facilitated that move. The subscribers will pay the million and receive no credit/Oncor could have given the money to any Organization but chose to help the City Parks we needed the money and more to keep current services.Oncor will get Tax break for using our money to get positive publicity for their company.Mayor Leppert will get mileage for his campaign for holding Tax down and every thing will seem cozy. Police and Fire will still have furlough days that is no way to run City and expect Chief Brown to keep crime at the same level with fewer Officers. It's a Ghost when you claim no Tax increase, water bill goes up by 7% Oncor service up by 2%,library fees up 5%.recreation center use fee 5$ sanitation service down and etc. AS Dallas Turns.

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