Thursday, August 19, 2010

City Of Dallas Needs a Shot of Energy.

Something is wrong with a City that only knows 2 things. Cut Jobs and furlough. There is also something very wrong with a city that does not want to raise Tax but will raise water rate and call it fees.Dallas City Manager has proposed raising water for the past four years which amounts to a 14% increase on all water bills, that amount is higher than what the tax raise would have been.The storm water rate increase grossed 30 million dollars in one year,the sanitation increase has grossed 9 million more than is needed to run department all this extra money and not a word of where its going.We are proud of new Arts District buildings but try driving down Ross to attend function and your car is almost totaled. This City is going to hell fast and unless someone steeps up soon this strong Mayor form of government we now have will send the Southern sector further into the hole.I understand how North Dallas Council Members don't have the same problems as the South,they see a totally different Dallas than we see from just driving down Central Expressway.I don't blame the Manager for keeping 8 North Dallas folk happy that's the number to keep the job and raises coming. I would love to move but I have to much invested where I live.In this economy I cannot afford to lose $100,000.00 to get away from City and County government.

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