Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Judge Foster Making A Closing Statement.

Judge Foster is making a name on his way out.Foster we've seen since the March election is the one who should have shown up all the time.Dallas Counties budget is on the hand and heart of Jim Foster. Republicans will not vote for Tax increase because of the Tea Party folk and Sara Palin's of the world.That's the problem with extreme politicians somehow they intimidate all Office holders to follow their silliness and will cripple this Country for a November vote. What is happening in Dallas has nothing to do with Austin,Nevada or any place else place this is not a clone.Dallas County and City needs a small tax increase to maintain current service levels. How about that Rick Perry asking President Obama for border patrol,Slick Rick is Governor he should hire Texas Rangers for Texas patrol.Rick Perry said he wanted nothing from Washington so keep your word Perry.

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