Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Update On Lipscomb !

I finally located Mr.Lipscomb after going to the other place and he was discharged.He is now at Globe Rehab,Mr Schenkel told me the street name I forgot so I drove down every street off Stemmons until I found Rehab.Mr.Al was his old self again,talking the staff has spoiled him.He was sitting up doing arm exercise and looking very good.The first day I saw him at hospital after Attorney John Barr and Floyd Richards went and rescued him from poor care and almost death was so different.True friends will always show up.

Thanks John Barr,Floyd Richards,Pete Schenkel for saving Mr.Lipscomb's life and demanding the best health care available for him.
Mr.Lipscomb has done so much for so many and to think he laid in a hospital bed going down every day because people just had given up are didn't care or know what to do,that's hard to believe.
For those who care Mr.Lipscomb is doing so much better,thanks to some white men who really cared about the person.

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