Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dallas City Council Spend $300,000 on Bullet Proof of Horseshoe & Conference Room!

I was down at Dallas City Hall Monday to hear budget briefing only one other person in public area.As I was leaving I saw this new door and wall.I also saw some extra material in the light switch,I ask what it was and was told it was bullet proof material same as used by President and police personnel.
Could someone please explain to me ,why if money is so tight that people who cut lawns at the parks lowest paying job in City budget are being fired and the Council spent that much money to bullet proof their area ,that's only used twice a month.Why would they need to exit through special door when they had three exits available and armed security guards at each entrance and metal detector with guards posted at both public entrances to Council chamber. While I agree that public officials need protection what has been done at City Hall is a waste of money,the area behind the horseshoe has been fixed so they can get down and hide under horseshoe.Who in the World want to kill this group?What decision could they make that would cause anyone to attack them.Most time people are attacked because they are doing something,Dallas City hall is the last place to find that.Maybe they think all the people, who are being laid off because Council refuse to raise tax ,because it might hurt their future political careers will come down with their guns a blazing.How do you put your self
ahead of people you were elected to serve.
How do you speak of people not wanting to come into Dallas if the tax rate is to high,yet you are not concern about people already living here.
Who ever heard of Police and Firefighters having furlough days.How do you control when people are on or off.How does Chief Brown fight crime with fewer resources and less Officers? What about Chief Burns how do you fight fires that are totally unpredictable with less and still maintain a quality department where human life is at stake.
What type of Leader does not know when the belt is tight enough,than blame Obama for unemployment when you as a Leader will put almost 500 of unskilled people on the street.
People don't move to Cities where services are in decline.How do you justify
closing neighborhood parks and building new parks for a few young people downtown,using park department budget for upkeep.
Councilman Atkins needs $40,000 to keep his three Rec.centers open other Council Members need various amounts well below $300,000.00.
What a shame,what a shame my Doctor told me to let it go because of health concerns but I can't.I care about this city,I was born here and to see what is happening makes me very sad.

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