Friday, August 27, 2010

Ellen Nordegren ,Fantasia and Others

Ellen and Friends: woman all over this World are hurt daily by men in their lives.Cheating is the number one cause of pain in a marriage many couples remain in their marriage for various reasons.Many of us are tagged as fools,friends say we're being used all sorts of titles are given woman who remain in troubled marriages.No one really knows why they really stay we try and answer that question but really there is no answer.Ellen talked about her pain,most women don't have that outlet there is no money for therapy and all the classes that wealth people are afforded.Ellen I am sorry for your pain but not as sorry as I am for women who must suffer with no help or money.One Hundred million dollars could do a lot for my pain and suffering move on and stop telling your story it's old, we all have on. Fantasia get your act together,drop your family move start your life over,hire a financial adviser and trust him or her ask Opera for a name of someone who can help you or Quincy Jones,you see MJ moved away from his leach family members.God has given you a second chance live it.

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