Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chief Brown goes to City Hall !

I am always happy to see a person move up and around in a government job because the more you learn the higher you can go. I am not sure if Mary knows what she has in Chief Brown as interim assistant City manager. Chief Brown is a very hard working City employee who worked to earn the respect that people have for him. He is no nonsense and treats everyone the same. He does not talk out of both sides of his mouth and it does not hurt that he is from Dallas, Texas.

Once upon a time and Sharon Boyd will remember this when the City, DISD and others were hiring their interoffice Black professional employee Dallas Black professional could not get the jobs. The powers that be during that time always wanted an imported Black. I have not figured that out just yet, sure was not because of smarts, the Federal government hired some but these other people could not see it.
Levi Davis was one of them he turned out to be very good, Richard Knight, Harry Jones and lots of others were good hires.

Back to Chief Brown Code enforcement will get cleaned up and working now under Brown in fact every department under his direction will become efficient I, had signed up to speak today at City Council about code enforcement but respect for Brown made me cancel I know my concern will be corrected. Congratulation Chief Brown and Happy Holiday to your lovely wife and beautiful daughter.

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