Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Survey of Community People Tonight. I was Shocked !

I mention John Price's action on yesterday,in Commissioners Court. People actually felt he was a victim.I could not believe it.Two started down that race train,saying he was the only one down there, doing anything for Blacks and he just got tired ,of White people messing with him.I ask one lady,what White people have been messing with Price? All she could say was something that happen 20 years ago. I ask another Lady what does he do for Black people,she could not name one thing. I ask if they had read about the Inland Port and the lost of potential jobs in the southern sector,they knew nothing.One man did say that John was wrong in speaking to the Citizens in that manner and that he should have left room. Another woman said John was a embarrassment to the Black Community. The Black Community has sent this Man to do a job 26 years and don't have a clue what he does,other than Sound Clips.I wonder did he do all that yesterday so his name would get the press,he is on Ballot in 2012.
I reminder them that John Price had lived off the Taxpayers for 30 years with the time he spent in JP Court and public works.We paid him and rewarded him for bad behavior .When I worked for John Price,I cared about the person,not the Commissioner.I saw how he became a magnet for people who used him for their selfish needs.I witness people coming into the office with stories that made no sense,and he felt for them sincerely believing what they said .Darren Reagan was one,I told Price,Darren was a modern day Robin Hood,but he only helped himself. I don't know what has happen to John ,since I left his side,but if Daphene Fain , Kathy Nealy,Vincent Hall and Zach really care about the person and not just their meal ticket,they will get him so immediate help.

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