Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I have in hand my new Tax statement: City tax $ 767.94. I get police, fire,library, street lights, parks, and etc. Seems reasonable. County,(SCH) and I do not know where that goes,College Dist,Hospital Dist. Combined $571.05. DISD $1,960.58 with the lowest homestead $36,164 everyone else is $42,328. All I get from DISD is more request for funding thief, waste, overpaid Administrative staff and miss education of some students. DISD has so many programs that the teaching staff can not keep up with them. I have called about a child who needed help the school staff did not have a clue, but I called Ross Ave. And they could call the role on all the famous programs .How good are these programs if the school and parents do not know about them. Why does DISD need so many programs? What do they accomplish? Where is the student benefit? What do they do with all the Money? When will other Tax payers become angry as I am and join me at their Board meeting and demand some answers?
If the Board wants bilingual education why are the English speaking students not being taught Spanish? Only Spanish speaking students will be bilingual.
I want the Superintendent to be successful but how can he until he cleans house on Ross Ave. I understand it takes time , but how much time? He
should know where the weakness is and it is money management. The DISD does not need money and it is time for the people who foot the bills to speak up.Please join me!

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