Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Wright

I still would like to know where will the competition come from at Love Field with only 20 gates. Southwest owns 16, American owns 2, Continental owns 2 .The agreement says they will destroy any gates that might be used by another Airline. So DMN where will the competition come from or better question FLY from?
Mayor Miller did a good job but she did not know all the language that the Airport People and Airlines Executives use. Some parts of the deal are the same as we had on the table last time this issue came up. The new parts are the 20 gates because the Love Field study called for 32 gates so some other low cost Carriers could offer really low fares. Southwest will start out with the 99.00 fares until they get people educated to the Through Ticketing meaning you stop one time but you do not need to deplane or recheck you bags. When the ticket prices go up the same as DFW please remember Betty Culbreath told you first.

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