Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can We All Work Together / Kathy Nealy

I notice in the DMN that Carol Reed was the manager of the Bond campaign so that means she got the contract and her competitor Rob Allen did not. As I continued to read about the money spent and how it was being spent low and behold Ms. Red paid Rob's company to do some work for her. That Ms. Nealy is the way business people get along and work together. Real business people do not cry wolf and make a big fuss over nothing. I hope this little drama has grown some people up because the Voters are finally paying attention and getting real sick and tired of paying Tax and seeing their neighborhood's go down, driving to Cedar Hill to shop, tearing up their cars on these streets, no new development of jobs. All the warehouse jobs going to Ennis, and down 35 and 67 out of the Dallas County. So wake up people look at what is happens to our community and think about who is in charge.

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