Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Trinity River Project / Good Thing

I know why people in power do not want people like me to have a lot of information because I am not a freezer :I cannot keep it! The Trinity River project is a good thing for Dallas and in the long run every one Should benefit. In the short run a lot of low income housing is going away, small business people are going to be removed, property is going to be rezoned and tax will go up. The problem is that the real People that are going to be effected by it the most right now are the least ones that can afford it.
We had a zoning case of blocks of property in South Dallas along Bexar St for a fancy mixed use development and everyone on the bus tour wondered how could the area support the development. Low and behold
the back of area sits on the bank of the Trinity River. Eleven black people showed up to ask the Plan Commission to delay the action until they could find out what was going on in their area. We ask staff if any meeting had been held with the neighbors and nobody knew, that means no. The people were not asking for denial just information. How could Leo Chaney have such a radical zoning request on the CPC agenda and keep it from the people it impact the most. The Ideal neighborhood is on the Trinity Project map as an identifiable area to be changed yet the people in attendance knew nothing about the plan and live in Ideal neighborhood.
This Trinity River project, if they are not careful will start another FBI investigation and this time it will involve the little people and they are going to tell. All they have worked for are in the homes they own
and paid for. They cannot afford to buy new ones for 100,000.00 . I did
ask Councilman Ed Oakley Chair of the council Trinity River committee to make sure that the people are treated right and I know he will. We have enough money in the bond program to do this right . I hope the manager ,staff and elected officials will do the right thing because I came off the picked line in 1967 but now that a higher power has made me new I can walk again in spite of Wal-Mart.

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