Thursday, October 05, 2006

Comments from readers:

Well I sure got some heated comments from one person who did not like my stand on paying school tax. Good thing for me that they do not put you in jail this person wanted me jailed for not paying them, even after I said they were in an escrow account in the District name I did not spend the money I saved it for the DISD until they stop spending tax money like it's water. I paid some after Dr.M.H. was hired. I trust him and he will do a good job.

The other one was about my support of Chief Kunkle: I have been a wife and been cheated on and I do know just how bad it hurts but, the good part is" A Rose is still a Rose" and will live on after the pain is healed. There is nothing you can do about human emotions or feeling when they are not FOR you. Pray for peace and relief of the hurt do things to keep your mind occupied and move on to higher ground. I want to get married again. Marriage is good for the soul.

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