Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Club Blue

I still think it is wrong to use police to close business if it is operating legal, just because someone does not want them Downtown .What will happen when it's your business? If Club Blue was breaking the law why has the TABC not enforced the State law. If the trouble is all Club Blue where are the off duty Police patrolling the out side. Why does Blue have a different set of rules than other clubs? I remember when the Skin Heads took over Deep Elm and that is when I stopped going because they targeted blacks to hurt .I do not remember any one closing down Deep Elm or running off the Skin Heads the Blacks just stopped going. Now why is club Blue being treated this way. Mayor Miller should move careful in using the City Police to deny a person the right to own and operate a legal business in the City Dallas. The people who attend the club should act like people with good sense, but they do not. The owner should do every thing with in his power to operate a safe environment for patrons. The City and Owned should work this out tax payers have an interest in that building we invested in it and did not know it. I think in the future all of these so called tax deals involving city money should be published in the paper to give citizen a chance to protest. We saw what happen with Cinimark and others people when the city use tissue paper rules to stop them. We have spent millions on law suites and settlement and have been overturned by higher Courts. People already are not coming to this City for entertainment, the convention center is dead, Deep Elm is dead, West end is dead and something need to happen. Maybe appoint a Assistant City manager for hospitality some one young
enough to understand night life and what people want to do and enjoy themselves downtown every one does not go uptown. Some one do something quick I am 65 and enjoy a smooth dance at a beautiful place but I can not find one in Dallas. Do you know of one please let me know.

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