Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ron Price DISD Trustee Again

I do not know what it will take to stop poor DISD trustee Ron Price from telling lies. The man fair de lied on me , on KKDA radio. I attended DISD
board meeting last Thursday and moved from one seat to another and he could not see me in the back of the room so he proceeded to tell a radio audience that "I missed most of the meeting". Poor soul trying to defend himself on the vote of last week on the Spanish speaking issue. Thanks to Trustee Carla Ranger and Lew Blackburn for voting for the people. Ron Price voted for the deal he had cut prior to the meeting. I found out how he was going to vote on the outside of the building and low and behold it went just as my informant said. I do not have a problem with getting votes but , I do have one with people who speak at the meeting and Ron Price did , saying all kind of things before the vote was cast about the item knowing full and well he knew all the time how he was going to vote.

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