Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So Much to Think About!

I have been out of the City on City of Dallas business and oh my so much to blog about. Word that I was in Corpus got to some local people and they called the hotel wanting a meeting about some land use issues they had. I guess when you are good at helping real folk that gets around. I did check on their issue and sure enough they had the same problem that we had with I 45 splitting a neighborhood. The same thing has happen to them now they are not in the Downtown development district so their property value is low. It happens a lot to low income area's.
I did speak with their staff and inquire about it and they promise to meet with the neighborhood and explain the situation.

Well see where John Price the deal maker cut a deal with Chris Bell camp on Sunday the Lords day for: DMN says around 50,000.00 .I guess Carol Strayhorn had sense enough to keep her money knowing 90% of the Black Community that go and vote or going to vote democrat smart move on her part, but Chris got that extra million and felt obligated after a few Black elected Dallas democrat's twisted his arm into meeting with Price the deal maker so they would not feel the raft of Price on the Local level after the election. As if the County has something they need.
Here is the dream budget I think: $20,000 for Kathy Nealy ,$20,000 for Price the deal maker, $10,000 for the people semi homeless that you see going door to door putting literature in your front door and Gromer calls that a machine. At least some poor people will get a good day 's pay and lunch. Shameful, shameful how Good White people keep doing the same things expecting different result. .

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