Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mayor Race / 2007

You know it is to early for this but I read something that I just had to comment on. It was on another Blog and it said "Darrell Jordan would bring us together." Us who? I am trying for the life of me to find out where we are apart. This whole conversation about Dallas having some racial divide that I do not see and have not felt is still a mystery to me. That was one of the big things Mayor Millers critics beat her over the head with. I wonder why she just didn't ask them what the hell are you talking about? Black,White,Brown and all other groups are busy in this Community working together and making money and progress. Mr. Jordan is a nice guy .What we need in a Mayor is someone that can hit the ground running and continue to do the work already started by Mayor Miller. We also need a person that knows their way around City Hall, if you do not know City Hall the learning curve can be a long process. Ed Oakley is a man who knows the job, is Dallas ready? Should be!

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