Thursday, October 05, 2006

John Price rethinks endorsement !

The voting public must be thinking about now: " What is going on with Commissioner John Wiley Price"? Well it's about the money! The commissioners endorsement of Carol Strayhorn was against every thing the democrats party stands for. The Strayhorn camp must have though it was about them ,but now it seems it was about GOTV money. Get Out The Vote in other words. You see GOTV means money paid to a Political consultant to do GOTV. In steps Kathy Nealy with her GOTV proposal worth thousands of dollars, who gets the GOTV contract with the campaign.Contract to turn out the Black Community for candidate, who by the way are already going to the Polls
and vote Democrate. Price said in DMN article "I don't know who the hell is advising her".I don't know what the hell is going on". Well they are not paying Kathy Nealy for advise or to Get Out The Vote because they know it's a waste of money. The bad part is what he said about his long time Friend Jesse Jackson because
Chris Bell Democrate candidate for Governor canceled a meeting with him and visited
Jesse Jackson in Houston. Houston is Mr.Bell's home turf he did the right thing,John Price was only meeting to see what GOTV money was available for Kathy Nealy for the November election. That is so sad when the Minority community is in such bad need of real Leadership someone who really cares again.

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