Monday, October 09, 2006

Roger B. Brown/ What School

Roger B.Brown sport's director KKDA radio said this morning he attended the Cedar Hill and Desoto football game Friday night and it was so many Black people it "looked like a jungle bunnies movie was being made". Willis Johnson Host of the show told him he could not say that on the air, Roger B. Brown repeated the statement that it looked like "jungle bunnies" and he was black so it was ok for him to say. What school of journalism did he attend that said it is alright to use derogatory names to describe people regardless to what race you are. There are many White people who listen to KKDA radio and they must have been insulted by what was said, because I was and so was Alicia and she let Mr. Brown know it. It is a sad commentary when professional people think that any thing they say about there own people is ok! As Andy Young did and had to resign, but Roger B. Brown is a professional and should know better.

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