Monday, May 29, 2006

Word on the Street: Dallas Political Scene

My information on some subjects are not confirmed however we know much is true. My opinions are just that mine.
Word on the street has Councilman Don Hill getting married in June. Congratulation !

Can anyone believe Ron Price would tell a story as strange as what he told about the yard signs. He really thinks people believe him. The plan is remain in the School Board seat until after the Council election if he wins step down if he loses stay on School Board. I hope the People in South Dallas do not go for this madness. A person who wants to serve should run and teach this young man a good lesson.


Not what the Council think's it is. What they Govern and what the taxpayers get are three diffrent things. What the
Manager knows and is being told by staff is so far apart. The cover you ass policy prevails if you lie who will check? When staff lies they are belived and the Public is not.Some City staffers work very hard some do not work at all. So sad each week I will write about a non working City of Dallas staffer.

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