Wednesday, June 21, 2006

City Plan commission

As Chair of the City Plan Commission it pains me that more people of color do not attend Planning meetings. I see week after week cases that can impact the Black Community on our Agenda and no one is there to speak. I and other members of the Commission speak and identify cases that are harmful to the Community and many are denied. The professional staff recommends cases for approval or denial based on land use ,area land use plans and other issues. If Communities do not speak out when a case comes forth to the CPC and staff recommends approval there is no valid reason to deny it unless the Community objects. We need more participation from the Black Community. The staff sends out notice to residents in a 200 mile radius or 500 mile depending on the case.
In many cases non of the notices are return from the Southern sector. I have suggested having meeting in the evening maybe more people could attend. If you have any idea on how we can get more people involved please
let me know.

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