Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pain, Pain, Go Away

Some people in our Community are in so much pain. The Family that was found murder/suicide in Roulette. The Family that lost a Son to a car jacking. The Family that lost a Father to blood clot. The Wife who lost a husband to war. The Husband who lost a wife to another man in an affair. The Mother and Father that cannot find their run away child. The mother who cannot find the father of her child for support. The loved one that lost a mate to an affair.

The Pain never stops. We must find a Being to help us ease this pain. God is the answer for some, therapy works for some, change of life helps others. We need to call upon what ever Higher Power we have to get through the Pain. Remember the Pain is temporary and it will go away. Each time the negative enters your mind replace it with a positive picture. A good memory, a beautiful flower, a bible verse anything to keep from reliving the painful situation over and over again. Do not allow anyone or thing to enter your space that will cause you to relive the situation that caused the Pain.

Pain, Pain, Please Go Away. Help me God!

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