Friday, June 23, 2006

City Plan Commission

We had visitors from the Bent Tree area of Dallas in opposition to a case on the Agenda. It is amazing how people of wealth view other people. Even down to the food they eat, who uses drive in restaurant windows, what behavior people who
eat at low cost restaurants vs. Who eats at Ruth's Chris vs. Cantina Laredo.
When I tried to tell one speaker how what she said was casting negative images of
people she did not get it. I think what is sad about the way they think is they have children and that kind of prejudice will live forever.

All people living in this City ,should come out of their closed world and experience People and things so we all will understand each other. I lived in North Dallas all my life until I moved to the Southern Sector 20 years ago, so I know the attitude. What a wonderful surprise I got and I remain in one of the best kept secret neighborhood in Dallas.

Other case of interest: $150,000 Townhomes for south's Cliff taken under advisement Marshall commissioner for that district is working with residents to resolve issues. Ms. Marshall reports they have had four meeting with residents so far. Case put off until July.

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