Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm Back

I first want to thank God and all the people in the County who sent prayers, cards, flowers,food and visits during my stay in Baylor Hospital. Sharon Boyd who came on the 4th of July with the most beautiful American Flag arrangement and Dwayne Caraway who was faithful and helped my family manage the people and press.
Barbara Caraway and Little Charles for staying with Dwayne Lister and my son Dirk Culbreath during the night of the 6 hour surgery are so many people to thank but space will not permit. To Dr. Edward Franko the best surgeon I know and he's a man of faith Thank you for the skill it took to save my life. Thank"s Mayor Miller for your visit
I sure did miss the Political scene while I was very ill, I'm home now recovering and feeling better, I have started to read the paper and listen to radio. I sure have wanted to respond but nurse and Dwayne Lister my special care giver would not allow me to get on computer nor would Dwayne move it into my bedroom.

First I am sorry that Laura Miller will not run for Mayor in 2007 but Family comes first and she is young and has a good chance to contribute again. I wish the Media would write about the November election not the May 2007 election. Voter turnout will be low as it is if the Media continue to only write and talk about 2007 it will be lower would someone please advise them! All the people talked about for Mayor are good but I have not heard one of them say why they want to be Mayor or what their Vision is for the City. Hope they get around to that! DMN ask former Mayor Kirk about one possible candidate and the also ask John Wiley Price
what I found odd is why they ask Price. John Price has picketed the last four Mayor's so what does his comments matter in a City election. The County is in such a mess and the poor County Judge does not know if she is coming or going. The jail is a mess, computer system a mess, emergency money being spent on wrong thing, we have no organized response system in place for the whole County. John Price need to try and get the County operating again. His attempt to sabotage bridge construction in the City of Wilma and the Allen group
is just another example of his handy work. The Allen group fought back so they would not become another Southwest Housing .

More to come this week

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