Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mexico Should Pay

Parkland Hospital released figures today saying they spent 22 million on illegal people for nonemergency from Mexico. The American couple that was on vacation in Mexico when the husband became ill and was hospitalized was not released until he paid $19,000. In cash. He and his wife said they felt as if they would be arrested if they tried to leave the Country. They called family members and borrow money to pay bill before leaving Mexico.
Why do we feel so obligated to serve everybody for free. Why do we treat non emergencies at Parkland and other hospitals without being paid by non citizens. It is not right! When I visited Mexico City on vacation not one sign was in English not even at the Airport. The President of Mexico is always talking to President Bush about the treatment of his people in the US when will
President Bush start talking about the treatment of his people in Mexico? Mexico should pay for it's people who get service in the US or the US should stop the service. My tax money should serve the people that are legal citizens or Mexico should pay.

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