Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I, feel for the family of Pastor Hornbuckle and the members of his church. If only
someone who new that something about this Pastor would have just spoke up maybe some
lives would have turned out different. If only his wife would have trusted someone and told them about his change maybe he could have been confronted and forced into treatment. Someone noticed Terry Hornbuckle's change, can you love a person to death
by silence. Mr. Hornbuckle's down fall is his fault but some where along the way he had help from the people who remained silent. In the end they let their friend Terry down. Drug addiction has no certain color or profession.
A Bishop who lived next door to me was addicted to crack, I new from living next to a Church owned property how other Bishop's had acted there was never all night and
traffic. The Church took action and the Bishop went to treatment and moved to another area and last report was drug free. People can stop and will stop but when Loved ones allow things to happen and keep in inside you are hurting the one you love. I know because I almost loved my son to death. Thank God I found tough Love
by asking God what to do.

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