Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dallas County Commissioners Court

I supported Margaret Keliher for County Judge, and as a County employee at the time she took office, I got a first hand look at her Leadership. There was none. The men on the Court took over the meetings and she sat there and allowed it. The Judge had a hard time making the transition from District Court Judge to Administrative County Judge. She seems to bright and smart but just does not work well with others. The Judge seldom talk with colleagues away from the horseshoe at least when I was there
I do not think things have changed. The County Judge lost the Dallas Cowboy's and poor Laura Miller got the blame. The worst part about the County Judge is that she
cannot keep information confidential. When a Department head confides in here for directions or help with another Commissioner or department head she goes and tell the information and you are then retaliated against. Lee Jackson was the last Leader
the County had. Judge Keliher will not let other County employees do their job she gets involved in daily operation that are not in her duties.
The worst part is she listens to John Wiley Price and believes what he says is sad that she cannot see him for what he is. John Price will always keep his Road and
Bridge for control over the Cities,in his District, like this last ordeal with Wilma and the Allen Group. The Allen Group did not hire his favorite Negroes so he's mad with them. Wonder where is FBI when it comes to County Government? I guess they only want City Officials.
People need to take a look at County Government and see what they are doing with your tax money. John Price talks a good game, he was a good Commissioner before he started using his County position to hurt people because of his personal feelings.

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