Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lancaster Teacher Jailed three day's

Dallas County and the City of Dallas operation down at the Jail complex are a joke.
Thank God Parkland finally took over Jail Health maybe things will change. Now maybe
you know that Jim Bowles was a good sheriff and the trouble he had in his last two years was caused by the Dallas County commissioners Court. The fact that one of them served on the State Jail Standards Commission certainly did not help. The fact that
the Teacher stayed in jail 3 day's on a $50 ticket first of all is crazy. It must have been a slow day.
Here is the real crazy part. County Constable serving City of Dallas traffic warrants when the City has hired a big time firm to collect such fines. Teacher put in jail on City of Dallas warrant means City of Dallas must pay ,Dallas County around $70 dollars per day to house her cost appox.$210.00 figure can be checked I am not sure of current contract amount but I am not far off. City Municipal Judge then gives her time served ,no fine collected. Cost to Tax payers appox. $1500.00 when you add all staff involved in total process. Does that make any kind of sense?. Why is a County Constable sitting around scanning the computer looking for traffic warrants when there are real Felony warrants all over the County sheriffs office?
I am a paid Consultant and I would share with the County and City way's to save money for free but, they will not ask and do not mention will not listen. I Directed one of the most efficient Departments in Dallas County and implemented cost saving at the same time increased productivity,went from 39 heat related deaths one year to 0 deaths the next so the proof is in the pudding. The City Council think they run something but do not have a clue about what is going on. How many times have you seen a City Council member or the Mayor in a City building conducting business? How
many times have you seen a County Commissioner doing the same? What they read on paper and what is actually going on are two different things. The lines at the traffic ticket payment windows are as long as a parade every day at every hour and this is where they collect money if you are going to staff anything it should be your revenue generating windows I could go on and on but I am sure you are ready to move on.

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