Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something is wrong with Wright Deal !

I knew something was wrong with the Wright deal when no one from the Outside was involved in the deal making. From what I have read on the deal: A: The local parties want the Federal Law to include an immunity from Antitrust law. How on earth can anyone ask the Federal government to pass a law that violates another Federal law that protects the freedom to conduct business in America. B: How can anyone support a 20 year non compete agreement between American Airlines and Southwest Airline at DFW when presently DFW has 46 empty gates, and DFW has been trying to recruit Southwest Airlines for the past 15 years. C: Who would support demolition of a new terminal at Love Field built with private money ,and claim it's part of a gate reduction at Love for environmental reasons? Who could ask Taxpayers to repay the Private builder for his investment if they pass a Bond deal to pay we the Taxpayers
will still pay. Bonds must be paid back. D: Why did the Mayors of Dallas and Forth Worth not allow any public participation in this process? E: Why does every item in this agreement benefit the Airlines, reduction to 20 gates from the original 32 gates proposed in the Love Field Study that was approved by the Council and Community people ,will only benefit Southwest,American and Continental Airlines. Southwest has 16 of the gates,American has 2 and continental has 2. Where can any low cost Airline come into Love?

This Deal has nothing to do with Low ticket prices for the Traveling Public. It has all to do with helping big business. The Citizens have fallen for this deal because they think it will end Wright and effect Air Fare, the general public has not a clue
what is in this deal and that is the only reason there is no public out
cry.Shame,Shame,Shame on the wool that has been pulled over the Citizen of Dallas
who will be hurt more then Fort Worth citizens. People who support the repeal could not understand this deal it is not a repeal. Call your Congress person ask them to remove the Antitrust clause and other harmful provisions from the deal.

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