Saturday, September 23, 2006

Chief Kunkle /DMN Blog

It is sad when a major publication will not print a story but use it's blog to print it any way. The fact that a reporter from the News put information about Chief Kunkle
on the Blog that can not be proved should be libelous. Chief Kunkle was hired to do a job and he is doing a very good job. Who he dates and who he married is no concern of mine as long as he does not use his official position to force any woman to date him or marry him. Life is much to short to not be happy and for a police officer it can be very short. Chief Kunkle still makes police calls and go out on his own many day's and nights. I wish people had something serious to do other then worry about who dates who. We do not know and should not know what goes on behind closed doors of any person unless it interferes with their sworn duty or taxpayers money. To put pure gossip out because a man is having lunch or dinner in a public place with a woman is as silly as hell. In my professional life I often have lunch and many times have dinner with married men.We often times have a bottle of wine or drinks that does not mean the next step in the bedroom. It means a business deal or interview is started or finished. Give Chief Kunkle a break since he is in charge of my safety I want him happy and if that means getting married 10 time so be it!

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