Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dirk Culbreath /My Son

My son Dirk Culbreath was married last Saturday in a beautiful ceremony to a beautiful young Lady. My son and I have been through a lot. Dirk is a bright and brilliant young man but some how along the way drugs interred the picture and we had our hard time with that. I write this because I never gave up on him but, when I adopted tough love and had him arrested for taking my car it seem to work. My beautiful son whom I love dearly is now sober,thank God his mind was not effected by his drug use. Parent do not give up but, please as soon as you can, tough love. Please try tough love you will save your child's or loved one's life, I almost loved my son to death.

Thanks to people who stood by me and my son:
Al Lipscomb, Dawaine Caraway,Burl Jernigan,Dwayne Bishop, Willie Cothrum,Arthur Busby,Rev. Freddie Haynes,Dr.Louise Deere,Helen spicier, Diane Waters and others.

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