Saturday, September 02, 2006

Being honest was Everman Principal mistake

I think it is terrible that a good Educator is no longer in the Education business.
The fact that Kathy Culbertson spoke the truth to a group of students she felt comfortable with shows how little we understand about human nature. If Ms.Culbertson were a racist she would not have been in the Everman district. When will Black People start accepting integration all around and not just on our side. If we can say anything about other people just as Andy Young did other day and as other Black people say every day, why do we scream so loud when White people do the same thing. The numbers clearly showed that some black students needed to do better on the test, so when she said that group needed to improve what was the big problem. If she had said the ninth grade needed to improve would all ninth grade parents become outraged? If she had said all people with filling in their teeth what would happen?
We need to move above race, granted the principal should have handle it differently, but to lose a job ? Do not think so!

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