Thursday, September 28, 2006

The T.O. Story :

I wrote T.O. this summer and told him that based on what I had read about his life he need some Professional help to deal with his childhood issues. I did not discuss the items but just suggested seeking help. The items I identified as a Social Worker/sociology/Health Professional from what I read were:
1. Rejection of father who lived across street. 2. Shame of birth as relates to mother and father.3. Rejection of siblings from father 4. Grandmother protective sheltering to protect him from pain. There are many more with being in Public life
and the Media. Mr. Owens publicists did him a great disservice with her statements on TV. The poor old T.O. sound bite just made her look very unprofessional and that last bite "he has 25 million reasons to be here" was the silly part because money is the last thing in the world that makes a Millionaire happy when he is depressed or having problems of the mind or heart. The Dallas Cowboy Organization is in desperate need of a Professional program that understands mental health/minority relationships.
There is a difference and it needs to be specialized. Calvin Hill is good at what he does but he is not a Professional in the area of need. The people who work with the Team somehow get caught up in the HYPE and get so excited about being with the Boy's they lose site of their jobs and the Players get lost in the system. Some very good players have been lost who had diagnosed mental disorders that could be treated if only identified early. It seems that every one at the Valley thinks odd behavior is just a THING that people do, well it's not. There is a reason people do things and some time it is a health issue. I hope the Cowboy organization will get wise and hire me or somebody to help them observe behavior and identify potential problems so we can save the player,team and Community grief.

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