Monday, September 25, 2006

As the DISD Turn

I feel so bad for Dr. Michael Hinojosa he had no idea what a mess DISD was in. Mike Mosses could not have had an idea. The problem is that the District is so large with so many different departments and programs and so much money that there is little oversite. They spend money as if it comes from trees. The past four years I have protested and not paid School District tax until I knew some new Leadership was in place. I paid up when Hinojosa was hired.It will take a complete overhaul of key middle management staff to clean out the mess. The Supervisor over the Grants gave some very foolish answers when ask how the staff purchased large items and not books. She said "they told her the students did not want books".Who the hell is in charge?Why on earth are we paying student to learn? What happen to going to school because it is the place to learn. All the Tax money from local tax and on top of that Grant money both State and Federal spent on all this staff and programs yet Students can not read or pass a test.Dr Hinojosa needs to cut programs and staff that are not working, where you see no positive results.Parents buy hundreds of dollars in supplies and equipment each school year. What supplies are the schools buying? Every form up there has been copied so many times you can hardly read them. Dr. Hinojosa money is not the problem at DISD, money management is. Please take the time and clean it out retire the people who have perpetrated this thinking. I support you and know you are doing your best. DISD is a large can of worms with some very good people in the mix trying to make it better.

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