Saturday, September 23, 2006

South Dallas Cleanup/Chaney

South Dallas cleanup in need of housekeeping!Metro section Saturday front page. Leo Chaney has been in office eight(8) years and the scrap metal yards have been there and getting larger by the year. In fact Mr. Chaney was on the plan Commission when some of the zoning was approved to permit the scrap yards on Lamar.The current Plan Commission went on a bus tour of South Dallas last Thursday and I was surprised at the trash and bulk items laying around on the street and in front of houses.There were boarded up houses next door to each other and just a depressing look. All of what we saw would not be allowed in any other part of this City. There are City services for all of what we saw. Why has Chaney not forced the City to do it's part? Why has the residents not called 311 and demanded City service? Do they not know the service is free to them? What is wrong with this picture? Leo Chaney lives in the area how can he drive in the area and not see it. What is wrong when an elected official does not inform his people or they do not hear? Why keep asking for more money to clean up something that has money allocated in the City budget? There are demolition dollars in the City budget why not demolish the boarded up property? Why didn't Chaney use some of the 4 million to help clean up. It is just sad that after 8 years the South Dallas part of the District looks worst. People bring on some new Leadership and please think before you vote and remember Ron Price from the DISD and the way he has spent your tax money on himself and the lies about the campaign signs already printed for the 2007 election.

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